A Queens University study has found.

This effect is being further explored by researchers and may lead to a broadened understanding of the biochemistry of common pain medications. It is pointing toward possible alternatives to drugs like Vioxx and Celebrex now, says Dr. Funk. A study released April 13 by The Journal of Clinical Investigation by the same research team found that brand-new types of anti-inflammatory drugs may decrease COX-2 cardiovascular problems.If this demand persisted, there would be no central slaughtering home or wholesale point that could handle such an quantity and regional slaughtering homes may be the choice. He added that building of regional slaughtering homes took time, but stressed the need to study the views of the public and the sector before a final decision was made. Concerning avian flu vaccination for humans, Dr Chow said it had been being developed still. He added that it may not be reliable regarding an outbreak as records present vaccination can only offer 5 percent safety against a virus.