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The consequences of TBI could be debilitating to athletes, combat others and veterans at risk of significant or repetitive head trauma. The recent loss of life of NFL great Junior Seau, thought to be linked to TBI widely, has focused a great deal of attention on the need for a highly effective treatment. RBCC believes that Amarantus is certainly near developing that remedy. The company expects the test results, scheduled to be announced next week, showing that Amarantus new protein therapy, MANF, effectively reduces cell death connected with TBI.Indications of useful improvement were supported by improved fitness, shown simply by a significant imply difference in the 6-minute jogging distance test between your control and treatment groups. When it comes to feasibility, the bone marrow of 70 percent of the attempted 30 individuals was successfully processed into C-Treatment. The company is targeting even more increasing this successful price to 80 percent in its Phase III clinical program. Dr. Christian Homsy, CEO of Cardio3 BioSciences said: ‘The highly promising data we record today build on the favourable security profile we have observed through this Phase II trial and paperwork in sufferers our belief that we have with C-Cure a product applicant with the potential to create a real difference in the treating heart failure.