You can also perform a few of these tests at home.

The feeling over your hand will often be checked to observe if your sensation of soft touch then, pinprick, or two-stage discrimination is abnormal in virtually any areas. The strength in your fingers and hands can be checked, using your opposite often, or good side, for comparison. Physical tests to evaluate for carpal tunnel syndrome include the following: Phalen`s sign Keep your elbows at shoulder level and place the backs of the hands together with your wrists bent at 90 degrees. Hold this position for 60 seconds. The pressure is increased by This position on the median nerve.You can check with your physician first and go to any specialist since it helps the individual return into normal working life shortly. If your medical professional cannot assist you to, find solution by your own However, if you feel that your known medical adviser cannot help you instantly, it will be easier to find the expert by your own. In this period of internet technology, you can avail all the required info for your knowledge from the net, even in time of finding out the best ENT specialist, cardiologist, and gastroenterologist or Thyroid doctor in Kolkata. You can check with your friends as well in this case to generate better idea. If the problem is just a running nose, ear infection or continuous sore or pain problem in the throat, specialist can provide best answer for longer period.